What type of requirements must I meet to qualify for placement with your employment service?

We will evaluate you based on your demonstrated skill sets and interests. Submit your resume today. We will work hard to match your skills with the positions that our clients are seeking to fill. Check out the employee resources page for tips on effective resume writing and interviewing techniques.

What Type of Companies will I work for?

Global Personnel Solutions, Inc. (GPS) partners with companies that have local, national and even international presence. We match our candidates with clients that will offer opportunities for you to demonstrate your skills and ultimately qualify for advanced career opportunities.

How do you screen Candidates?

All associates are screened by experienced staffing specialists through our pre-employment screening process. GPS will only refer those individuals who meet the pre-requisite for employment with our company. As part of the screening process, we conduct in depth interviews, skills assessments and testing alongside reference checks. All candidates must submit to a drug screening and allow GPS to perform background tests, including but not limited to criminal background, credit and DMV checks. As an Associate, once you are placed in our system, you will be evaluated for all positions in our database that match your skills and work experience.

Will I be charged a fee to apply or if I am placed on an assignment with GPS?

No, there is never a fee charged to our applicants. In fact, we offer many support services in addition to finding you a meaningful career opportunity.

Additional Support Services:

  • Free Checking
  • Credit Union
  • Training
  • *Benefits (Vacation, Health Insurance)

*All Associates must meet certain requirements to receive benefit

If I am hired to work at one of your client sites, will you make deduct ions from my paycheck as a fee for being a temporary associate?

No, If you accept a temporary assignment with Global Personnel Solutions, Inc., you will be considered our employee unless the client desires to hire you on for permanent employment. As an associate, we will handle deducting the appropriate legally required taxes (based on the W-4 information you give to us). If you are hired in a permanent capacity at one of our client companies, they will be responsible for your tax deductions. There will be no other deductions from your paycheck unless court ordered or requested by you.

What will happen to me if the client no longer has work available based on my skills and services?

The professional staffing specialists at Global Personnel Solutions Inc. will search for a new assignment for you! Remember our performance is dependent upon the quality of your work while on an assignment and our ability to keep you working.